Frequently Asked Questions

Are you Department of Labour accredited?

Yes we are Fully Department of Labour accredited.  You can view our certificate here.

As a small company do we only need First Aiders? Or Fire Fighters and SHE Reps too?

The short answer is no.  All businesses, no matter the size need to know what to do in a fire emergency situation and need someone as the “Go-To-Guy” for Health & Safety issues.

You might have fire extinguishers in the office or onsite, but does your staff know how to effectively use it?  The equipment is only useful if people are trained to use it.

SHE Rep doesn’t have to be in house, but can be outsourced to a consultant.  Each business needs to under have someone responsible for all the Health & Safety aspects.

What is a Safety Audit (GAP Analysis)?

A Safety Audit, or GAP Analysis is when a Health & Safety consultant does an onsite inspection to see where your current Health & Safety standards are, compared to where they legally should be according to the OHS Act.