Safety Awareness Skills Programme



Why Safety Awareness?

icons3This Skills Programme is HWSETA Accredited and provides NQF Credits on completion of its modules.

Besides the legal requirement to have trained and skilled safety staff, it’s important to have someone in the workplace that can provide general assistance in relation to specific health and safety issues, such as near misses, unsafe acts, unsafe conditions, etc.

The Safety Awareness Skills Programme equips your staff to assist your organisation in basic compliance matters with the correct skills.  There is also a financial benefit of organisations paying their skills levies and the possibility of claiming back some of the money spent, depending on your SETA, speak to your SDF and they will be able to provide you with the many more benefits.


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For onsite training, once PoP is recieved, we can book the facilitator and date.

Benefits of the Safety Awareness Skills Programme

  • Build your future in the Safety Industry
  • Gain credits towards a full qualification in Health and Safety.
  • Needed for compliance to the Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Act
  • Employees will have the peace of mind that there’s someone in the office with knowledge that will assist them in compliance to the OHS Act.
  • Inclusion of this training on your WSP and ATR for possible monetary claims with relation to the Skills Development Levy.

 Certification / Accreditation: Health and Welfare SETA (HWSETA)

Assessment: All modules will have to be completed and the learner deemed Competent by a registered assessor, then internal moderation followed by external verification by the SETA, before certificates of competence can be issued.

Duration: 15 Days (Can be done consecutively or spread out over a specific time)

Venue: We offer onsite training for groups.

PricingContact us for your custom price based on the number of participants and location

The Safety Awareness Skills Programme consists of  7 accredited modules.


1) Provide risk-based primary emergency care/first aid in the workplace

  • First Aid SETA Accredited
  • Does not expire
  • US ID: 120496
  • NQF: 2
  • Credits: 5
  • 5 Days

2) Demonstrate Knowledge Pertaining to Fires in Working Places

  • US ID: 120331
  • NQF: 3
  • Credits: 3
  • 1 Day

3) Apply Fire Fighting Techniques

  • US ID: 252250
  • NQF: 1
  • Credits: 3
  • 1 Day

4) Apply Health and Safety to a Work Area

  • US ID: 9964
  • NQF: 2
  • Credits: 3
  • 2 Days

5) Explain Basic Health and Safety Principles in and Around the Workplace (Safety Rep)

  • US ID: 259639
  • NQF: 2
  • Credits: 4
  • 2 Days

6) HIV and AIDS Awareness Programme:  Demonstrate an understanding of sexuality and sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS

  • US ID: 14656
  • NQF: 1
  • Credits: 5
  • 2 Days

7) Maintain and Adapt Oral Communication

  • US ID: 119454
  • NQF: 2
  • Credits: 5
  • 2 Days